Hello there, Bill Boak here, owner/master craftsman of Bill's Woodshed!

The woodshed offers a familiar hum of woodworking tools and the sweet smell of sawdust.   

What appears to be a simple shed, will greatly surprise visitors to find domestic and exotic hardwood masterpieces shaped and hollowed by the hand of man, resulting in functional yet beautiful works of art. 

I was 'bitten' by the  woodworking "bug" while attending Jr. High School where I was enrolled in a woodworking shop class.   I followed that up with 2 years of Carpentry Trade School in high school.  From there, I was able to work in the woodworking shop while in the Navy aboard the USS Fulton AS-11.  Upon discharge from the Navy, I continued with my woodworking...honing my skills. 

Fast forward to 1997....this is when I came upon The Hardwood Store of N.C. where I discovered all the different colors found naturally in every piece of hardwood.  These colors are incorporated into each handcrafted item.  The colors (types of wood) and the character (grain) of the wood chosen, result in eye-appealing, yet functional works of art.  Searching for and finding the most vibrant color and character in the wood is what drives the crafting of every item designed.

Upon my retirement in 2021, Bill's Woodshed established a booth at our local Farmer's Market.  Being there weekly has allowed us to meet some awesome customers and has provided a rewarding venue for sharing and selling my creations.





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